Waterjet Cut Porcelain

We've been waterjet cutting porcelain since 2003, but the trend seems to be bigger than ever! 


We will provide designs and porcelain choices for you to choose placement, or we can cut your porcelain into a design of your choice. 


HUGE benefits of porcelain are:

  • Porcelain has the look of polished or matte stone

  • Porcelain is less expensive than stone

  • Porcelain has absolutely no maintenance issues!  You don't have to seal porcelain with a sealer!

  • Porcelain will not stain or etch

  • Porcelain will look as beautiful years later as the day it's installed!​​

In this picture, the wall tile, bath tile, and floor tile are all porcelain.


The floor design was cut by our waterjet.


Design and porcelain provided by Ceramic Tile Design in San Rafael, CA.


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