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Don't have CAD files?

We are capable of creating CAD file for a variety of project types. We can work with anything from a text description to well drafted and dimensioned drawing or anywhere in between.

Dimensional Projects

1. Small Quantity, Difficult-to-Replace Parts: Ensure success for critical projects with limited quantities and hard-to-replace parts. You must allocate a budget for potential re-designs or re-cuts if needed. The more information you can provide about your project the more likely we will be able to produce cost effective and satisfactory parts.

2. Larger Quantities and Cost-Effectiveness: Optimize your budget for larger orders. Our streamlined processes enable cost-effective re-cuts, and subsequent orders benefit from no CAD design charges, saving you money.

3. Simple Geometries: In some cases, your industrial project may require exceedingly simple geometries, such as rectangles or shapes with minimal complexity. Our team excels at handling such requirements with speed and cost-efficiency. We can swiftly generate CAD data for these straightforward designs, allowing you to review and provide feedback before proceeding with the cutting process.

Artistic Projects

We have lots of experience working from an artists drawing and creating CAD from that. All designs must be approved by you before anything is cut. The biggest challenge is coming to a design that is close enough to your vision without compromising your budget. The better the drawing the closer the final result will be to what you envisioned.

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