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What we can do


Flow Mach3b

Our waterjet

Our waterjet is a Flow Mach3 1313b

The cutting envelope is 51" x 51" - we handle larger materials such as 4' x 8" by extending the material beyond the edges of the machine.

We can handle materials up to 7" thick/tall.

Our special Vacuum Pierce makes sure that brittle materials such as glass, stone, mirror, plastics and composite materials (like fiberglass and carbon fiber) don't break in the process of cutting.

Cutting Brittle Materials

Our machine is complete with a vacuum assisted pierce. This is useful when cutting brittle materials such as plastics, composites, glass, mirror and stone. During regular piercing  the material is exposed to a jet of pure water for a fraction of a second before the abrasive kicks in. This initial jet of pure water can cause cracking and delamination in fragile materials. The vacuum assist works by pre-flowing abrasive through the cutting head so that the material never experiences water without abrasive.

Also, most waterjet companies who specialize in metals use a coarse garnet to cut very aggressively while at Marin Designworks Waterjet, we use a fine grit garnet for a very fine cut edge even on sensitive materials like glass/mirror carbon fiber stone and porcelain, etc.


Laser Cutting and Engraving

We have a 24" by 36" 100w CO2 laser cutter. This machine is primarily used for etching and engraving but, we are happy to laser cut parts out of wood, plastic or foam for you.

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